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For a bit of fun we gave the team a virtual £1000 to spend on a second hand bike currently for sale on Autotrader. Surprisingly this only generated 123 options a lot of which were rather ropy looking Chinese scooters so choice is somewhat limited.  So this is what we came up: 1) Honda CBR600 F 1995 £995 The original sports 600cc that kick started the craze for mid size sports bikes. This Honda CBR600 is not the prettiest example but for just under the budget you can get your hands on a modern classic with just 37500 miles on the...

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BMW, Ducati, Funny, Gilera, Honda, Motorcycles, Strange, victory -

Our Top 5 Shockers from mainstream motorcycle manufacturers. Why not take a look and let us know what you would have put on your list.

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Chain & Sprockets, Gearing, How To Guide, motorcycle -

A Quick Guide on how to alter the gearing of your motorcycle to either improve acceleration or top end performance

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We are pleased to announce that as a company we have switched energy supplier to a completely green solution. No more 'gas' for us although we may have a bit of 'wind'

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Winter Storage Tips  Not all of us are hardy soles that ride for 12 months a year, so around about now you hang up your lid until temperatures are well into double figures again. Or you may have a winter hack for this time of year meaning that your main bike goes into storage until Spring has sprung. With this in mind we thought we would share a few top tips to make sure your bike it ready to roll when you need it again. The Battery  Make sure it is fully charged and get yourself a good quality trickle...

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