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£1000 To Spend What Do you Buy ??

For a bit of fun we gave the team a virtual £1000 to spend on a second hand bike currently for sale on Autotrader. Surprisingly this only generated 123 options a lot of which were rather ropy looking Chinese scooters so choice is somewhat limited. 

So this is what we came up:

1) Honda CBR600 F 1995 £995

Honda CBRR600F 1995

The original sports 600cc that kick started the craze for mid size sports bikes. This Honda CBR600 is not the prettiest example but for just under the budget you can get your hands on a modern classic with just 37500 miles on the clock (if accurate). Will need some time and money to restore it back to original condition but will be an appreciating classic and you definitely won't lose any money on it.


2) Suzuki SV650 2001 £995

Another one that is pushing the budget right to its limit but if you have ever owned or ridden one of these you will know what fun they are. Unlike the previous Honda this Suzuki SV650 looks pretty unmolested and would make an ideal everyday bike or maybe turn it into a track day hero. Wheelies guaranteed !! 

3) Kawasaki GPZ500S 2000 £600

This one would leave you with some spare change in your pocket but looking at the description it would need some work to bring it up to scratch. Whats the fun in buying a bike that works though ? We all love a good tinker. Although not the most exciting of rides it would make a very capable commuter bike or winter hack.

4) Suzuki RF600 1994 £700

Suzuki's first attempt to take on the mighty CBR600 the RF600 makes a quirky alternative. The styling is an acquired taste and whoever owned this one came up with a rather 'interesting' take on the classic Gulf Oil colours. Not as competent as the mid 90's offerings from the other big 3 but you do not see many around today and that has got to make it worth a punt.

5) Kawasaki GPZ305 1983 £795

Bit of an oddball but this 1983 example has just over 6000 miles on the clock which for a 37 year old bike is just crazy ! This belt driven classic actually won US publication Cycle World's 1983 best lightweight sports bike award but compared to modern machinery it will feel positively ancient. However for under a grand you can get yourself a very interesting bit of kit and we would hazard a guess you won't find a lower mileage example for sale anywhere.


So thats our top five, why not give yourself a virtual £1000 and see what you can come up with 


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