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Motorcycle Parts UK Going Green

Very much a hot topic at the moment (no pun intended) but here at MPUK we have decided to go green wherever possible by making some changes. We have had a look at the business and decided where it is possible to make changes and also what we can do in the future to lower our carbon footprint.

So far we have made the following changes:
  1. Swapped out all our old fluorescent tube lighting for new low energy LED alternatives
  2. Reusing packaging where possible. So do not be alarmed if your Petronas oil turns up in a Putoline box !
  3. In the case of new packaging materials we will be purchasing products that are from recycled sources or themselves are recyclable.
  4. If it's not needed it will be switched off, makes no sense having things like heaters or computers running overnight if they are not being used.

It is all about lowering our carbon footprint where possible and we would encourage our customers to do the same. Just a couple of ideas which I am sure many of you already:

  1. Make sure you keep your tyre pressures correctly adjusted to maximise fuel efficiency
  2. Service your bike regularly as something like a blocked air filter or oiled up plugs can drastically reduce engine performance
  3. When looking at replacement parts make sure you go for quality products as it makes more sense both financially and environmentally to buy components that will last longer. Those £9.99 mirrors will look great ……………….. Until the first Winter !
  4. Make sure you recycle where you can, most council tips offer facilities to where you can take items like used batteries, old engine oil and if you cannot reuse packaging materials make sure they go in the green bin (or blue or brown or whatever colour your local council is using this month ! )

If any of you have other tips then please let us know

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