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Top Five Oddest Looking Bikes

As the saying goes beauty is in the eye on the beholder and a very subjective matter at that, you only have to go into an art gallery and look at some of the price tags to realise tastes differ ! The following list is of abstracts from the 2 wheeled world is of course merely the opinion of one person and not all would necessarily fall into the 'Fuggly' category, more like the 'some one actually signed off on that' brigade.

Only rules for inclusion are that the bike had to be from a main stream manufacturer that made it into production. There are plenty of home built horrors out there but we will leave those for another day.

So in no particular order I give you the following creations

1) Honda DN-01

Pretty certain that whoever designed the DN-01 had been up to late watching Judge Dredd ! This oversized Honda was a short lived automatic cruiser (AKA big scooter) built between 2008-10. With a high price tag, uninspiring performance from a V-Twin 680cc engine and 'interesting' appearance it never really took off and was canned after just a couple of years.

2) BMW S1000RR

As humans we find symmetry comforting and scientists have even developed a formula for measuring beauty based on how identical each side of a persons face is. Perhaps that is why the S1000RR looks are considered so divisive, some like the quirkiness of it, whilst others think it verging on the 'butt ugly'. No doubting that it is a cracking bike and it has been a big sales hit proving that looks are not everything.

3) Gilera Fuoco 500

This monstrosity definitely falls into the 'only its mother could love it' catergory ! Looking a bit like an elephant that has run flat out into a wall the Gilera Fuoco has been with us since 2006. Basically it is a re-badged Piaggio MP3 that pioneered the concept for 2 wheels at the front and one at the back that allows for improved stability and cornering. The idea has since been copied by other mainstream manufacturers like Yamaha with their Niken range.

4. Ducati Multistrada

Everyone has a bad day at the office but I think some Italians had been on a rather 'long lunch' before they knocked this one up ! Looking like something a 4 year old would build using the dregs of a lego kit, the 2003 Multistrada (fittingly nick named the 'Uglystrada') was not one of Ducati's finest moments. A competent tourer, the model is still with us today but surprisingly the design was not updated until 2010. I can imagine being a Ducati salesman in the early noughties was not the easiest of jobs.

5. Victory Vision

I think I have seen airplanes that have shorter wingspans than this thing. The 2008 Victory Vision is a motorcycle that could only have been made (and parked) in the good old US of A. It definitely knows its target market and all told it is a very comfortable and well equipped tourer but that styling is something to behold. We do have European equivalent to the Vision though, you may of heard of it ........  its called a car !


Well thats our top 5 and to be honest on a different day there are a number of other contenders that could have made it on the list. Why not tell us yours in the comments.

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