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Winter Storage Tips

Winter Storage Tips 

Not all of us are hardy soles that ride for 12 months a year, so around about now you hang up your lid until temperatures are well into double figures again. Or you may have a winter hack for this time of year meaning that your main bike goes into storage until Spring has sprung. With this in mind we thought we would share a few top tips to make sure your bike it ready to roll when you need it again.

  1. The Battery 

Make sure it is fully charged and get yourself a good quality trickle charger that will monitor and top up the charge level during periods of inactivity. This is really important and will save you the expense of having to buy a new battery next year. It also stops sensitive electronics and alarms going haywire due to low voltage. 

  • Location 
  • Bit of an obvious one, but wherever possible store your bike over winter in a dry  and sheltered place to keep the elements at bay. If the other half is compliant then the Dining Room would make sense ! If not then go for the garage. Also if you are going to cover your bike make sure it is completely dry and free of contaminants before hand otherwise you are creating the perfect environment for corrosion. 

  • Preparation
  • Following on from the previous point it makes sense to clean and wax the bike before putting it away, as well as lubricating the chain. Also a liberal coating of WD40 or similar products on the exhausts, cables and other exposed metal will stop corrosion due to built up moisture. Last thing you want is to be buying clutch cables or similar come next year. 

  • Fluids

  • There are a number of fluids in the bike that deserve your attention before a lay up to prevent future problems. We would recommend a good quality fuel stabiliser for the petrol in the tank to stop corrosion and blocked carbs. Make sure antifreeze is topped up / changed if necessary, especially if the motorcycle is going to be subjected to sub zero temperatures. Finally if the bike has not been serviced for a while it would be a perfect time to drain and fill with fresh oil and filter. 

    Hopefully the above tips are of some use to you and can also save you money by preventing future problems. As ever if you have any questions we are more than happy to help.

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