DucksWax Water Repelling Black Leather and Wax Tonic - 100ml

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Description Reviews

Duckswax Leather Restoration Cream - Black

The latest edition to the Duckswax Range - to be used on black garments only !!

DucksWax is an innovative UK made product which helps to extend the life of your leather and wax cotton items. It will moisturize, soften, restore & preserve your leather and wax cotton garments. It helps to waterproof your leather by reducing water absorption, whereby water will form beads & run off. DucksWax not only works on leather products but it also works on wax cotton (Barbour/Belstaff type) jackets too!

Once applied and allowed to soak in, the surface is left grease free making DucksWax the perfect treatment for leather clothing, furniture, leather car seats, and saddles & tack. It will not leave a sticky residue. For all outdoor leathers DucksWax repels water and moisture and is a favourite amongst Motorcyclists, Horse riders, Golfers, Hikers and anybody working outdoors.

DucksWax Black is a water repelling leather tonic

  • 5 star review from Motorcycle News for both Quality and Value
  • It softens and preserves leather
  • It's conditioning properties revive the look of old leather or wax cotton
  • It reproofs wax cotton without stripping the original wax
  • It's 100% natural, containing NO solvents, silicon, Teflon, paraffin or bleach
  • It smells really nice
  • It's soft (even in cold temperatures) and is quick and easy to apply
  • It will not leave leather sticky or greasy
  • It can be used on rubber, car & motorcycle plastics and chrome too!


DucksWax will not

  • Allow water to penetrate the leather, it simply beads up and runs off!
  • Harden or crack


Motorcycle leathers

Tested on Black leathers. The application had no adverse effect on any of the colour whatsoever. Overall effectiveness is very good indeed. The DucksWax initially gives a shiny/greasy appearance. This reduces back within 10 minutes or so. There is no greasy feel, thereafter. DucksWax greatly assists in removing road dirt & fly squash. It also helps removal of dirt & fly squash subsequently. There are no adverse effects in terms of grip levels (on gloves or bottoms), after application, having allowed a little soaking in time. Water repelling properties are also greatly improved. Water droplets appear & the water runs off. Leather appears to be softer after application and reduces any squeakiness. Reapplication times will vary according to use


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